Definition: Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery deals with restoration and repair of either or both appearance and/or function of a body part. In Perth and in all parts of the world, plastic surgery mainly aims to restore the normal function or a specific body part but restoring or improving its appearance is also important. Plastic Surgery Perth’s main goal is to deliver these plastic surgery procedures to our valued Perth clients without compromising their safety and comfort.

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Cosmetic or Reconstructive?

At Plastic Surgery Perth, plastic surgery can be divided into two kinds based on their goals – Cosmetic and Reconstructive. Cosmetic surgery’s primary focus is to improve or enhance the physical appearance of a specific body part. Reconstructive surgery, on the other hand, focuses on repairing or bringing back the function of a damaged body part. This adds more weight to the side of reconstructive surgery as being more important or crucial during emergency situations. Cosmetic surgery can be done whether a body part is damaged or not, so it is considered an elective procedure.

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Uses of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is needed in certain situations where the normal functioning of the body is hindered by damage or abnormality. Such instances include congenital defects or abnormalities (cleft lip/palate, cancer-prone birthmarks, webbed fingers, etc), body parts damaged by cancer (breast, face, legs, etc.) or burns (full-thickness burns that need skin grafting). All of these situations are resolved by plastic surgery to improve a person’s life overall.

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Plastic surgery techniques

Plastic Surgery Perth plastic surgeons have rigorous training and countless years of experience in performing reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. The following are some of the most common techniques that Plastic Surgery Perth surgeons use in plastic surgery procedures:

– Skin grafting (Split-thickness or full-thickness)
– Surgical skin flap technique (by location, the method of transfer, and tissue composition)
– Tissue expansion (growing tissue to aid reconstruction)
– Prosthetic devices (artificial leg, arm, hand, etc.)

About Us

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more accepted in the market nowadays not only as the solution to reconstructive concerns but also for cosmetic problems. Before, natural beauty is the only real meaning of beauty; you are either blessed with innate beauty or are satisfied at looking plain or worse. Today, many turn to Plastic Surgery Perth as their top choice in solving their health and beauty problems. Be assured that Plastic surgery Perth addresses the need to step up and meet all these demands without compromising the quality of service and safety.

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Are there available Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery?

When you hear plastic surgery years ago, it comprises of stitches, scars, hospital stay, and anesthesia. At Plastic Surgery Perth, modern technology gave way to excellent innovations in the field of plastic surgery, so there is now a variety of minimal- to non-invasive plastic surgeries that are all effective for their varied purposes. Some of the most common examples of non-invasive plastic surgery are Laser treatments, Botox injections, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. Consult Plastic Surgery Perth to know more about these plastic surgery procedures.

Additional facts on Plastic Surgery

Risks and complications

All surgeries, minor or major, have risks and complications that may arise no matter how careful you and your Plastic Surgery Perth plastic surgeon may be. The degree or extent of these risks and complications will generally depend on the preparation of the patient before the surgery, the gravity of the surgery, and the amount of experience of the surgeon with the type of surgery being done. These include but are not limited to the following:

– Infection

– Prolonged bleeding

– Persistent pain

– Scarring or keloid formation

– Discomfort

– Need for future surgery for repair

A skilled and expert plastic surgeon like the ones we have in Plastic Surgery Perth can help address all concerns regarding these situations. Do not hesitate to consult them at our Perth clinic before pushing through with any plastic surgery procedure.

Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

At Plastic Surgery Perth, cosmetic surgery procedures are becoming more and more popular as a means to achieve your ideal body. In Perth, the following are some of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the market:

  • Breast augmentation (Breast enlargement)
  • Liposuction
  • Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)
  • Rhytidectomy (Facelift)
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eyelid surgery
Common Reconstructive Surgery Procedures
Plastic surgery’s main goal is to restore the body’s anatomical function, and reconstructive surgery is that branch that addresses that concern. at Plastic Surgery Perth, the following are the most common reconstructive surgeries performed:

  • Burn repair through skin grafting
  • Hand reconstructive surgeries
  • Breast reconstructions
  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Congenital defect repair (Cleft lip or palate)
Criteria of a good Plastic Surgeon

All doctors may be able to perform any plastic surgery procedure, but will they be experts in the craft? One has to first train extensively in plastic surgery to become a specialist Plastic Surgeon in Australia. This elite group of highly experienced professionals should be part of The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and are Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons specializing in Plastic surgery with a title FRACS (Plast) at the end of their names. Having this title means undergoing several years of learning and practicing different aspects of plastic surgery. You can contact our Plastic Surgery Perth clinic to have a list of our Plastic Surgery Perth specialist plastic surgeons.

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